Home Infusion Experience

For over 15 years, Concept Medical has earned a reputation of excellence as a Premier Home Infusion Pharmacy servicing Schuylkill, Berks, Carbon, Columbia, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Montour and Northumberland Counties and beyond. Concept Medical’s IV Patient Care Specialists are available for timely coordination and smooth transition between hospital discharge planners, physicians and contracted nursing agencies. In compliance with accreditation standards set by The Joint Commission, our highly trained specialists provide thorough instruction to the patient/caregivers and nursing staff. Our IV Patient Care Specialists discuss the process of infusion therapy and answer any questions the patient and or family may have when trying to decide if home infusion therapy is right for them. Concept Medical pharmacists and IV Patient Care Specialists are available 24/7/365.

Infusion Technology

Concept Medical chooses a drug delivery system for the home infusion patient in coordination with the nursing agency that promotes the best possible outcomes taking into account patient/caregiver’s abilities and preferences.




Concept Medical’s professional staff offers a variety of In-Services based on the educational
needs of your staff. Topics include: Pain Management, Medication Pass Review and Infusion Therapy Review, as well as Disease State Specific and Medication Specific In-Services.



State-of-the-Art Sterile Compounding Room

Compounding Room Concept Medical IV Pharmacists and Technicians are trained and
qualified to perform IV compounding based on operating procedures developed by the USP. The standards are reflected in the design and engineering controls which eliminate major microbial contamination.



Infusion Therapies

Concept Medical specializes in:
• Anti-infective Therapy   • Pain Management   • TPN (Nutritional Support)
• Chronic Disease Management   • Hydration

Our IV Patient Care Specialists monitor the patient’s progress through regular communication with the patient/caregiver, nursing agency and physician. The goals and interventions of each patient’s treatment plan are individualized by our experienced pharmacists to promote optimum care while reducing therapyrelated complications. Together, our team ensures continuity in care and continued progress toward targeted outcomes.


Concept Medical provides complete, balanced nutritional formulas containing all the nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and water, meeting the dietary needs of individuals with medical conditions or deficiencies that necessitate other means of nutrition. Our professional team evaluates the patient’s medical information to verify that insurance coverage criteria for TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) prior to initiating therapy. Concept Medical will assist in the development of individual Nutrition Care Plans and regularly review and update the plan with dietary personnel and attending physician. Additionally, our Pharmacists continue to monitor medication therapies to ensure the safety and efficacy of their Nutritional Care Plans.

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