Pharmaceutical Management/Consulting

For over 15 years, Concept Medical has earned a reputation of excellence as a Premier Regional Pharmacy providing pharmacy services to Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Personal Care, Home Care and Specialty Care Groups and Facilities. A Concept Medical consultant pharmacist certified in Senior Care provides monthly or quarterly computer-assisted care reviews and medication-related audits depending on the requirements of each care setting. A treatment care plan is developed for every patient whether in a facility or home care setting and is monitored and reviewed by Concept Medical pharmacists and patient care coordinators. The staff at Concept Medical works with physicians, nurses, facilities, agencies and other  providers toward the targeted outcomes for each patient.

Communication Technology

Concept Medical is available 24/7/365 and assures immediate contact with Concept Medical’s professional staff. Concept Medical
continually invests in the latest pharmacy equipment and technology ensuring efficiency and high accuracy for both new and refill orders. E-Prescribing and paperless document management software increases efficiency, improves services and reduces costs.

Cost Containment

A dedicated Concept Medical Billing Advocate will process all covered charges directly to all benchmarked Medicare Part D Plans, Medicaid, or private insurance companies, pursuing any necessary prior authorizations or physician approved substitutions to prevent or minimize cost to the resident, responsible party, or facility.

Medication Packaging

Concept Medical makes available pharmaceutical delivery systems such as punch card exchanges and automated, multi-medication packs depending on the need of the care setting. Concept Medical has implemented checks and balances ensuring accuracy
and safety in packaging approved through accreditation by The Joint Commission.



Delivery Staff

At Concept Medical we operate our own delivery service enabling reliable coordination of pharmacy deliveries to healthcare facilities, agencies or homes rather than through a contracted delivery service or courier service. Our delivery staff wears distinguishable uniforms making it easy to recognize them when they arrive in our Concept Medical vehicles. Having direct oversight of our delivery staff not only allows for greater control and flexibility, but also ensures safety while providing an additional communication resource for both the patient and pharmacy.


Concept Medical’s professional staff offers a variety of In-Services based on the educational
needs of your staff. Topics include: Pain Management, Medication Pass Review and Infusion Therapy Review, as well as Disease State Specific and Medication Specific In-Services.

State-of-the-Art Sterile Compounding Room

Concept Medical IV Pharmacists and Technicians are trained and qualified to perform IV compounding based on operating procedures developed by the USP. The standards are reflected in the design and engineering controls which eliminate major microbial contamination.



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